Sunday, June 28, 2009

MIYF 22nd Anniversary

27/06/09 - Saturday

Today got class replacement.. AARRGGHH~~ BORING.. Hahah~~ Many ppl din attend calss.. du-uh.. who wants?

Nvm.. at the evening there's MIYF 22nd Anniversary.. I invited Flo and Xy and Sy.. but all cant come... dissapointing weih!!! ==

I went there late.. haiz.. but luckily the performance just started... xPPP

There are dramas.. singing performance and speeches... i took some pics oni.. about the performance and crowds.. LOL..

And i took pics with Joyce too.. a form 1 girl.. sweet one.. haha

I wanted to take pic with angel and charissa but they are too busy.. and i'm shy to walk over to them just to take pics... SWEAT!!!

haha~~ LOl simple post.. xDDD

*omgosh!! My friends went IU weih.. can't wait for their post!! Heheh

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