Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cool shopping xPPP


Wow!! Today is so cool!! Today is mayy b'day!! xDD and cool-shopping-day!!! xDDD So good for mayy coz she can celebrate her b'day wif her babes... i cant coz my bday falls on the last month where all ppl will be either busy holiday-ing or busy getting-ready-for-school-reopening... haiz... So mayy!! You are indeed a very lucky girl!! xDDD


For Mayy From Jaslyn

In this special day...... her babes decided to start this with a lunch in the WOng Kok restaurant... xDD And suprisingly... Mayy seems to have a special treat from the restaurant for her birthday... dat is a extra large x10000 milk tea.... xDD you can see for yourself in the pics....^^ And!! Dun think it's normal coz it really looks kinda NORMAL in the pic but actually it's huge!! Like a big bucket... Lol OVER!! xDD

But anyway... today is fun yet tiring yet full(of food).... heheheheh~~ Too bad Flo cant come... if not my first gang pic will be P-E-R-F-E-C-T !! Hehehehehe~~ xDD

There goes the pics...
Wait!! Sorry i din make the pics vertically... some havent... but you all get the main idea rite... thats all...

Again!!! Before you all become blurr of the pics coz i din arrange it... let me just summarize the whole process while we are in sunway pyramid... ok?? xDD
  1. Me, Siew yi, and xing yi arrived at Sunway Pyramid and headed straight to WONG KOK RESTAURANT to meet the other babes...^^
  2. We ate our lunch... i order... erm... dry noodles with honey chicken?? i think... siew yi ordered noodles with soup and it's the cheapest one!! Hahahahah~~ Xing yi ordered spaghetti with mushroom soup... Mayy and Smt ordered cheese thing?? Hy,Yj and CCW... i think they ordered same as Xing YI... Hahaha ( i think it's a lil too Specific...xPP)
  3. We went to the main entrance to wait for Xiao Hui, Hoong Chao, and Hong Jie.... Xiao HUi arrived... but we waited soooo long for 2 Hoong's but still havent seen them!! == Oh ya!! And a form 1 guy named Eng Yaw/Yau arrived... I know he's Paul Low's bro... Looks very cute~~ xDDDD We three gals managed to make friends with him by starting to say "HALO ".... hahahah~~
  4. Xiao Hui, Eng Yau, Sy, Xy and me went to buy movie tickets bcoz we are the oni ones that havent bought... On the way buying the tickets... We rily bcame more closer wif each other!! xDD Like more close friends... yea~~ xDDD ( Eng Yaw kip saying he's so hot.... so sexy.... siew yi was annoyed you know... xDD)
  5. Not much more... A lil shopping den we watch movie... The movie is MONSTER VS ALIEN... Heheehehh~~ Entertaining!! xDDD I like B.O.B.... Silly yet cute!! xPP
  6. Continue shopping!! I think we separated after that?? I go shopping with my gang~~ xDD more relieved?? dunno... we chatted and chatted.... siew yi so PRO-Shopper.... hahahah~ Me and XY not rily close with Sunway so SY took the lead~ Heheheheh~~ I bought three bottles of nail polish~~ xDD and a tee~~ but it's too tight...T.T ( cannot try.. so i took the risk to buy it but i cant wear... haiz...)
  7. Have trouble in choosing things to eat for dinner.... Mayy they all say wanna eat at SUSHI KING but Sy and Xy dun want...( but i want... butttttt it's kinda expensive xPP) LOL~~ So we din eat together... Mayy they all eat at SUSHI KING whereas we three eat at WENDY'S... Although it's FAST FOOD.... heheheh~ as long as we are happyyyyy~~~ xDDD
  8. Kip shopping.... I BOUGHT MY FIRST STARBUCKS DRINK!! yea!!!! So happpiiiieeeee!!! xDDDD I bought ICED MOCHA smth... but it tastes nice... not bitter~~ xDDD and SY and XY helped me to put quite much chocolate,vanilla and cinnamon powder on my drink... Gee~~ Thx you guys~~ I dun hav experirnce...xPPP
  9. Went home happily~~ But i gave XY and SY a lift~~ heheheh~ no prob!! xD
OK!! Now you all can enjoy the pics!! hehehehhe

Hahahah~ A quick shot of mayy and her free HUGE drink... of coz she shared... hahaha

Another shot!! hehehehh~~ Wow~ big drink huh~~

This is at the end of the day.. after i bought my starbucks~~ xDD

This is when we three was eating at WENDY'S.... Me eating burger... == Sweat??

Siew yi eating burger.... She smiled... so weird.. hahahah xDD same set meal with me...xPP

This is Xing yi~~ Heheheheh~ She is eating Fish fillet burger gua... hhahahah~~ I bought a nail polish with the same colour as her fingers~~ So cool~ So dark!! xDD

LOLLLl~ This is when we go shopping... and we tried many spectacles... this is one of the sun-block-spectacles that i tried~~ Uh-uh... The price tag ruined my shot... hahhahahaxDD

Can you guess where is this?? Hahahah~ It's in the toilet!!!! xDDDD Hahahah~~~ A quick shot but kinda nice!!! xDD

This is at the early of the day... in WONG KOK.... hahahaha~~

NOthing to do so i took a pic wif Xing Yi~~ heheheheh~~ Nice?? xPP

WAAAAAHHHHHhh~~ My starbucks!! I forgot to take a pic when i first bought it so i suddenly remembered when i already finished half....=PPP Heheheheh~~ yeaa!!!

Tadaa~~ So a big day endss~~ With a sweet smile on my face.... ^^

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