Monday, June 15, 2009

and you think having a lil sister is... actually good??

Arrrggghh~~ Sisters are just so freaking annoying... Especially lil sis... Walao... I dunno What have i done wrong to have a punishment for having a lil sis like this.... wahh!!!!!!!!!! ==

Duuuuhh~ Obviously now you should know i have a lil sis... and a very super annoying and irratating one.. You see.. she followed my aunt back to hometown for quite some days and i kinda missed her.. so when she came back yesterday nite i welcomed her woth a broad smile.. and she also seems quite nice...

But today she went bck her old-self again... My goodness!!!!!!! Sometimes i wish i could just punish her or cane her coz she is just so stubborn... Yesterday night i asked her to wake me up if she woke up early than me... and she say ok.. but this morning.. she told me the wrong time and make me almost late for schooL!! I asked her why she bluff me.. and she say " i also the time i see is wrong.. how i know??!!! " (with a high tone... like as if i am her lil sis ) OMG!! Rily felt like punching her on the face... xPPP express... but i didn't lah... hahaha.. so i bcame my old-self-attitude again... Scold her back lah.. and this time she is more stubborn than ever!!! AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

Walao... and just now when i came home from school i ask her to pack her stuffs which is rily messy.. and she does the same thing she always do when my parents are around ----- that is trying to ignore me... so when i talk she will just say "bla bla bla" or sing a song ... AARRRGGGhhh!!! I tell you!! She does that in PURPOSE... OMG!!!!! LIke slapping her man... hahah.. but again... i didn't... wwwaaahhhh~~ She is so pampered...== Sometimes i rily HATE her... why other ppl's lil sis kena scold will at least listen to their big bro/sis but mine doesn't????


AARRGGHh~~ *releasing my anger by shouting inside my pillows*

Anyway... today is the first day of schooll... everything normal lah... except the results... super hurting..T.T... i still hope i c
an remain inside no.10 in class...=O.. Haiz...

OK... bye ppl...

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