Friday, June 19, 2009

Are you playing with us?? ==

Haiz.... yesterday Hui Ying sms-ed me saying got WUDO today... but hui ying why you also din go...TT Oni me and SY two girls with Paul Low and his friends waiting there...

I was eating breakfast on the early morning when i found out it was oledy 7.40am!! Coz the Sifu mentioned earlier that there is punishments for those who are late den 8am!! So i rushed and rushed... haiz... If i have known earlier den i wont go larrr.... WTH?? Hahahahah~~~ Ah dui... But it's not Paul Low ( WUDO president) fault lah... He also dunno... but at least he went to school also...^^ Hahah~~~ The teacher's fault lah... wait untill 9am oni sms Paul Low saying that today no practise !!!! Really WTF lahh...== iiisssshhhh!!! =.=

Tonight got campfire night!!! xDDDD
Hope my babes and i can have lots of fun!! We paid RM 13 for this!!! xPP

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