Saturday, June 13, 2009

MIYF outing 2009

This year is the first year i joined " MIYF OUTING 2009".. church youth fellowship one day trip...sponsored by my church...^^ (youth fellowship xDDD)

This year's theme is like treasure-hunting...^^ But the venue is a secret untill we go and experience ourself...Hahah~~ I wear a comfortable shirt and track-bottom... like school sukan... hahahxDD (coz i thought teasure hunt is like going uot to somewhere in some forest...xPPP)

Reach at church before 8am like Charmain sms-ed me... me and bro went upstairs and found out the church has not been opened yet... so went back down... i thought we would be like the last one coz the sms say we have to reach before 8am but it's already 7.45am... So me and bro were so shocked... he tried to contact the MIYF ppl but nobody answers?? Luckily Edric and his lil bro, Benjamin arrived not long... and this time we sure we have to meet at the church first... so we four waited downstairs...

Den... Other ppl arrived... And then Charmain arrived at about 8.10am... What the... Hahhaha~~ Still sms us so early... ah dui.. and den we followed rachel go upstairs the church... and then we waited for more ppl... den Jeremy and Rachel put us into groups... I grouped with Zhan Wei and Elaine Siah... ( actually i was like OMGosh.. Coz i not very close...=PP ) but everything turns out ok lahh... Elaine was a very nice example... like a good sister and a good christian... xPP I like stupid stupid one among we three... hahaha~~ xDDDD And the questions arr... I totally blurr case... LOL

Coz all the questions are about places... like "write the all the streets that has 7-eleven stores " Apalah... i "lu chi"... totally dunno all the road stuff... so i just followed them walk there and walk here...== hahah~~ But i got help with 2 questions!! One is the copying all the Mcdonald's toys name.. Another one is about finding graffiti... Hehehe~~ Cool..

And you know what?
We arrived as the first team!! We are so happy... we even took pics!! xDD But den Rachel checked our answers and found out there's a mistake... so we actually didn't get first place... haiz.. but that question we got cheat a lil.. we use Zhan Wei's car... Hahaha~~xDDD Nobody notices...xDD

today is ok lahh... i am rily happy coz i get to know more about Elaine Siah and Zhan Wei... ^^ But actually i expected more like.. go jungle trekking or go to any taman pertanian?? Dunno lah.. But ok lah .. Overall..

*P/S: Still rushing Geo project... "Grafik" part is rily confusing!! Any helps?

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