Monday, June 29, 2009

So eager??

dunno why i so semangat wanna sell tickets for SMK SEAFIELD carnival day~~ LOL..
Maybe coz the price?? i dun think so lehh.. but when my aunt say "DUN WANT" to me.. i felt so dissapointed... i also dunno why i like dat lehh.. my brain rosak oledy..

Anyway.. you guys who want to come and have fun pls tell me...

the details....

DATE : 5th July ( this sunday)
TIME : Around morning 8am++ to 3pm++
TICKETS : tickets are sold by rows... Rm 10 per row... ( i gurantee you nid more than a row to have fun!! xDD )

PLs ppl~~ Support weih~~ Especially my friends!!! I trust you!!! xDDDD The dateline to buy tickets is this thursday!!! So pls hurry!! xDDD

*P/S: Omg... i am being semangat again~~~
*P/S: tomoro doing pre-sales~~ Hahah~~ I am gonna do the so called "poster" or "signboard".... hehe~~ SUPPORT

i should stop now~~ Hahaha~

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