Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ok.. Photos~

Taddaa~~ Photos for scouts campfire night... xDDD hahah~~ Walao.. now oledy 12.25am in the midnight... Hahah~ So enjoy!! xDDD

Hehehe~~ xDDDD

OMG!! haha~ SS oledy..

Chairs.. Many ppl havent arrived.. =P

A guy fixing smth??

When the fire just started!! xDDDD

Big Fire... Campfire..

wow... xP

The guy who is taking the wood with two burning ends is Samantha's brother... Hahaa



The fire burning the word "SCOUTS"..

Siew yi and Xing Yi...

Siew yi took this!! Loong yi's back~~ haha

me and flo... xDDD

Siew yi took this pic... hahah~~

not clear... Loong yi lah... see me and flo oni.. haha

Group pic~~ xDDD

Kenneth tan.. LOL... weird post?

yerr.. Why hui ming see there?

Hahah~~ Eng Yaw~~ LOL

Guo Yuen and Bryan Low

with Guo yuen and they both so shy

Arina and Nadia with their cool costumes... heheeh~

A picture with Ee Yen~~ xDDD

did you notice that this is a picture of a band?? Hehehe~~

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