Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today is the first day i am alone in my house... ( not alone for the first time oledy lah...) I mean first day in the holidays... Wah!! To say the truth... there is so much more fun and things dat i can do out there... BUt i decided to just stay at home and do my homeworks and projects... Although it's a lil too late...==

hahahah~~ I rily havent started my geo nor moral projects... H/w...
I finished maths!! But not Science... Haiz... i will worry about it AFTER i finished my 3 projects... There's 2 moral projects!!

1. Geo project - Petempatan penduduk USJ 2 ( dateline: 15th June)
2. Moral project (1) - About Pulau - Pulau one... You have to find 5 pulau at least and each of the pulau's must have at least 1 kepentingan... nid pics and infos ( dateline:18th June)
3. Moral Project (2) - About nilai murni one... Like what we did in form 1... the one doing house chores... but we still dun have the paper.... All Caleb's fault!! He didn't photostate it so he dun manage to distribute the papers about the project to us all before holidays start...== But we have to do somehow rite...haiz ( dateline unknown)

Waahhh~~ Actually i should be typing the moral projects info by now... but i cant resist to view my blog when i online!! hahahah~ Addicted..^^ LOL

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