Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Walao.. now money rily damn freaking hard to earn...

IISSHH~~ Last time when i am still a primary school student.. i thought RM 10 is too much for a week's allowance!! But now NO MORE... 20 bucks can be not enough!!! ( but oni sometimes..xPP)

Gee~ Coz my phone before always has problems which i rily get annoyed with example.. LCD problem.. MIC problem or even AUTOMATIC-OFF problem! IIISHH!
So my mum forced me to use my savings.. ( in my piggy bank one.. not in the bank one)..to BUY A NEW PHONE!

She told me this weeks ago.. i am so troubled with this.. coz i nid to choose properly so that i wont REGRET!!>< My own money lehh!! OMG!!
To say the truth... i prefer slide type or flip type of phones.. Flip type would be wonderfull... coz i din try before...xPPP

BUt every type of phone has their risks..

A. Candy Bar type ( one solid one) - the LCD.. the screen wpuld be easily damaged..

B. Slide type - The reben INSIDE the phone would be damaged easily ONCE you dropped your phone...><

C. Flip type - The spring would spoil easily because we nid to flip the phone to see wats coming.. xPP

Haiz.. SO i dunno lehh.. But i saw three flips one which i think looks okay~ Pl s leave message if you wanna say anything~ The models are T707 and Z770... Haiz.. others i have no idea.. you guys can help?? xDD

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