Saturday, October 23, 2010

people change, things go wrong, but life still goes on.

When you play fire with fire,
you'll just get burnt yourself.
Life, is all about falling down,
Living, is about getting up.


HELLO peepps ♥
so.. i forgot to update about yesterday haha ..
yesterday was quite fun laa (:

went to school yesterday.
then, took part in a leo project.
cleaning the school leo pond :O
its so darn dirty wth >:(
first of all we had to move the fish out of the water into a big pail.
den remove the water, den start scrubbing :O
i didn't help much at the scrubbing part tho.
i just helped removing the leaves in the water AHHAH.
everyone was pretty exhausted, aahh. but the pond is now cleann :D
okay maybe not crystal clear kind of clean.
but its CLEANER :D
gahh whoever throws rubbish inside, screw them -.-

oh at night, went to church with family to watch a movie :D
it's called " letters to God "

basiclly, it's about a boy having cancer, yet he is living with a positive mind,
writing letters to GOD updating about his life,
in other words praying too.

his letters touched everyone around him,
soon, more ppl believed and followed GOD.
at last, he went back to GOD, leaving a good memory for everyone.

:D okay it's smth like that.
IMO, i don't really think it's that touching laaa.
i almost cried, but didn't lol.
i think that the movie i saw in youth last time was wayyyy more touching.
incase you don't know,
its call FIREPROOF.

that one, really gives ppl heartaches :O

but, the ending was awesome.
it's the ending that tears everyone apart.

GOSH. i like that movie HAHAHAH xD
watched it no? what cha' waitin for? :D

awww i really miss my cousin baby twins ♥
camie and canice :D
they must be super plumpish now >:D
weeeeee i wanna pinch their super cute cheeks :D
lol that sounded so mean :O

bye :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

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