Sunday, February 7, 2010

Going down down down down down down down down ...

He can be hawt..
He can be nuts too :)
So, hold on your engine girl,
we've got your back :D

Hello lovely~
Woke up fweaking early for church :)
LOL~ manage to listen to the whole sermonnn laa~
Good job ^^ heheh~

Lets start from yesterday ...
Yesterday skipped youth for SiewYi's partayy~ :)
her bro's party i suppose :D
Well i dont skip purposely la, i was late anyway :P
LOL!!! Anyway, went to sy house at 8 smth :)

Omg it was SO DARN awkwarddddd~ -.-
EEEEEEE dont wanna think abt it heheheh~
Anyway, it was quite fun laaa~ :)
Except for the parts where the guys there are somehow pervert hahaha
LOL~ but!!! we had a great time :)

XY cant join coz she cant manage the transport thing,
So we chit chatted and screamed, and gossiped, and played games, and..
Pics are at SY's~ you guys just need to wait for some while lahh :)
She is very slow HAHAH~

Anyway, today was quite nice :)
nth sad :S lol
omg so despo for school now,
for someone's someone :DDD
OMG OMG hahahah~ I am so bad~
me likey :DD


My heart is sinking wayy down there,
like an anchor without any help,
it just wont come up,
because you didn't notice me today :(
Or did you?
Oh well, for now ,
its down -.-

p/s : WTFFFF???? This yr's valentine has soooo NO romance? what shyt? -.-
OMG why is it the same day as CNY :(
SO bad... :( EEEEEEEEEEE :(
pp/s : Although sooooo, waiting forward for val,
tell me everything gurl ^^

xoxo, Jaslyn

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