Friday, February 12, 2010

Its gonna be a long journey -.-

I might be half way or already in JOHOR right now :)
This is an auto-publish post xDD
There dont have internet,
if got, i will go back every year HAHA

Anyway, its gonna be a super long journey xDD
Because today is the day alot ppl starts to go back kampung,
that includes me :)

Very sienn lor need to go back there,
to say the truth,
ppl there are so kedekut sial!!!! -.-
lol, you know what is the max they give? 5 bucks!
what is the min? 1 buck?
I am like OMGOSH,
my mum side would give at least 5 bucks and max 50 lahh -.-

BUt ,
I have to accept lah,
-.- haiz~ I am gonna miss home so badly,
miss me ppl~
my heart is with you xD

p/s : pls comment if you see this, to make sure it comes out on time heheh

xoxo, Jaslyn

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