Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey hey hey ^^

Today's school was ok ok laaa..
PJK was fun though ;D
Did the SEGAK thing, kinda dissapointed of myself
but nvm!! its over ;)

Later at maths period,
wtf pn.sujatha came in and called
all those students who didnt change their uniforms to come out!!
omg obviously i was one of them LMAO
Lecture lecture lecture -.- then off to BILIK HEM!

eeeeeee once in my life i got caught to bilik hem O.O
or was it -.- maybe i did go before xD
I guess im just unlucky laaaa -.-
Bla bla,
den it started to rain !
Haha emo weather LOL xD

wtv laa,
gotta go study HARDCORE now!!
Seriously i havent started any revision,
and the exam is on monday?
wth rite?
Come on who studies in CNY -.-

SIGH~ nth to blame already,
bye :)

p/s : Pls dont go :(
pp/s : I Still study last minute after 3 years of ecperience haha

xoxo, Jaslyn

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