Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to where it starts

Hello !!
Another sunday is gonna be overrr
Woke up today for church,
 got called to be an usher :D
HAHA~ its no biggie but still i'm proud haha

" Im going to thai "
" omg wth yerrr so good -.- "
" haha~ you all leh? "
" balik kampung lorr still got what "
" haha i'm gonna go new year shopping ^^ "

was like a week ago -.-
where holidays are just getting started
BUT NOW, its gonna end in like a few hours :(

How sad,
i wasted the whole week laaa,
excluding the balik-kampung-days lahh
I didn't really use every moment meaningfully :(
I'm a bad girl -.-

Oh well,
here i am ,
fussing around abt my life,
while there's like super lots of projects and hw-s waiting for me
I didnt touch any of them,
its CNY! who bothers abt hw -.-
now i do ><
And i need to go rush rush now

p/s : cherish every moment ! if not you will end up like me hehe xD
pp/s : Lets just stay as a student :)

xoxo, Jaslyn

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