Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Its better to tell your friends,
" i am jealous abt you "
Its far more better then backstabbing,
for that is when jealousy rose to envy and hatred

Hello hello again :)
I am kinda addicted to quotes weeee :)
Thx to flo -.-
Random short post
cause i wanna share something,
actually some story that i think is exciting :DDD
Its sweet!!!
and romantic !!!
and and and! valentine-nic~

Once upon time,
there was a girl,
she was very hardworking,
her days were always full of studies,
It was like black and white...

But till then, she met this guy,
he was the so-known popular guy in school,
she admired him sooooo much,
its like she WANTED to own him,
but she knew its impossible for him to like her...
Its just not real for her..

One day,
She received a gift,
its a valentine teddy and chocolates,
she was suprised and checked who was the sender,
and she stunned when she found out..
It was like a dream,
but it wasn't,
from that day onwards, she knew,
that her life would never be the same ....


LOLOLOL~ random lahh~
feel like sharing nia XDD

Anyway, today nothing special in school though,
except for homeworks -.-

p/s : WTF i lost my book from ACE ED-VENTURE!!! how?????????? :(
pp/s : Dont say eeewww if you are jealous, just admit

xoxo, Jaslyn

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