Saturday, February 27, 2010

You are the reason i smiled today

Hey hey hey hey :)
YOu know what, my saturday went on pretty well :D
Except for the fact i saw some bunch of something -.-

LOL, morning had wudo :D
WEEEEEEE so happiee its been so long :/
Luckily i practiced at home so my feet didnt ache so much
PLus i just did my SEGAK lolz

Then the afternoon went for tambourine class
HAHA felt so "pro" there tsk tsk
It was short and sweet laa

went to carrefour,
so call study in MCD,
yea i brought some stuffs lol,
BUt ended up eating and shopping lol

At night, went to youth
AHAHAS it was okay laa,
then me and kor followed them to mamak
It was my first time going there,
so i chose the worst sitting placing of all -.-
EEEEEEEE so many cockroaches you know,
i kip looking back to the NEST of the cockroach
its a whole lot bunch :(
I almost cried -.-

WHAT? i am really scared of cockroaches okay~
Put one infront of me and i will scream till your ears burst :)

Bla bla my temper is getting worser O.O
Maybe its bcoz im pms-ing laa
wtv, just dont get on my nerves,
if not smth bad will happen hehe

BYE!! today din study laaa,
fully booked LMAO
 haha rest LOL
( jaslyn chong!!! monday exam still wanna rest arr? LOL )

P/S : SY FLO XY waaahh i got the hair thing dy!!! Go arr!!! we do the hair .. we are gonna be the brightest STARS LOL
PP/S : waaahh you really make me smile :D

xoxo, Jaslyn