Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hi peeps!!!!
CNY is coming weeeee !! YAY!
HAHA, angpaus = Ka CHING! $$$$
and fire crackers!
and~ GAMBLING! hahah~

Lets start from the morn :)
was late for choral speaking -.-
quite fun lah :D

today is the day where all the pressies for val is out!!
NOt all clubs lah,
VULCANZ  havent hahahaah~
Tq for those who sent me lol~ xD
it was no big deal, but i do appreciate it alot :)

Sadly i dotn get the cute huge teddy bear i wanted :(
LOL its 10 bucks xD
Oh well xD at least i have sweets! xD
Florence had a rose and she was so crazy abt it ^^

Tution in Ace,
ROLE PLAY!!! everything was cool! xD
i still remembered teacher still ask us to re-plan our play last week!
-.- omgosh today morning we were sooooo darn worried! x(
But then we practiced our new plan roughly,
i am acting as a dumb waitress inside WTF -.-
sacrifices, see? heheh
Everyone did great! :)
It sure gives me more confidence ^^

I have to pack my luggage now -.-
Tomoro after school i need to go back to JOHOR~
I dont want to, but mum say its a MUST :(
Going there to feed mosquitoes only laa~
the mosquitoes there must be craving for our fresh SUBANG blood xD

Gonna go there for 5D4N!!!!!
So longggg! 
after reading wei wen's blog,
i decided to make some auto-publish posts too HEHE xD
Tomoro last school day~

xoxo, Jaslyn

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