Wednesday, February 17, 2010

how i wish you were here ~

omg i am so darn super freaking sad now :(
AND! heartbroken.. D:
Many things happened today,
the worst is,
the dissapointment i had :(

One of it,
I just had a surprise message that said my family and i will be going GENTING tomorow
With relatives too laa~
I dont dare to believe it,
but i made myself too HAHA~
And then just now at night,
my mum CANCELLED it omg :(
Just bcoz they were too tired playing mahjong till late night
how can they be so selfish :(

I am so down now :(
I hoped and wished,
you are right beside me now D:
but~ reality is always the opposite,
i have to face it alone :(

OMG so dissapointed!!!!!!
And sad~
And i still remembered i told sy how happy i was to be going to GENTING tomoro :(
now its all GONE!
no theme park,
no icy weather,
no chilly water,
no fun :(

What a sucky day :*(

the part where i saw this korean drama SWEET SPY in youtube
which has super hawt cute kissing scenes~
xD hot guys and hawt girls, they cheered me up :D
( i am a romanceholic, thats the lil things that can cheer me up :D )

xoxo, Jaslyn

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