Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Speak out if you want her to know what you want her to know :)

AAAAHHH i am so hyper-ed up now :)
This is a random post :D
But its a happy one, with a lil of romance laa :DD

To guys,
Tell your feelings out if you dare to show,
Sometimes when you dont know she knows anything,
she already knew what you want her to know~
So, just say~
and i bet she will know and be touched :) 
If you admit you dont dare,
Then might as well do nothing,
Because girls' heart is fragile,
an advice..
Handle with care ~
( girls can be MAD when it comes to heartbroken :D )

I am so happy for you my girl~
Just wait and he will say,
when he say,
its when you find your guy :)

But for now,
get your head in the book LOL

p/s : i made it into the team yo~ xDDD
pp/s : but i need to sacrifice to wake up 7am every morning lahh~
ppp/s : He is waaaayyyy hotter than your boy HAHA

xoxo, Jaslyn

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