Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's a girl thing

Hello earthlings
Here again x)

Bla bla
today school was kinda fun~
adter recess there were like 3 whole free periods ;D
HAHA~ it's was certainly smth to be remembered~

We 4 talked super long laaa (:
thx to the h2h talks,
idk how but we went to the topic abt boys ;D
seriously, GOOD boys are like one in a million
* winks *

lol its nothing secretive so i'll just say some,
SOME not ALL * shhh *
boys, there are one part of a girl's life
that's for sure~

AND AND~ the talks today was my fav h2h talk :P
Its sweet, and nice ^^
We should have more of these , duuh it makes us grow closer!!!!

Interact IU is arriving soon haha~
like on 28th March!
My F1 peeps you guys better come xD
WAAAHH~ wanted to go audition but,
hmm.. haha pressure and im scared ):
Wtv laaa, i'll scream for you florence,
you will notice a girl screaming her head off, thats me :D

Tomorrow has PJK period,
Gonna do SEGAK O.O
pls pls ( x10000 ) may GOD help me through all the things (:
I dont wanna humiliate myself out there XD

* Haha "bitch" i wont be a total one laa, coz you are the perfect one :P
* Its hard to let go, but you must >:)

xoxo, Jaslyn

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