Sunday, November 1, 2009

孫自佑 LOVE HIM + new blogskin! xD

I edited my blog! xDD
I edited till last night 2am ++ arr!!
I like blue but pink is cute too..xD

SCREAMS like shit lahhh~~~
He may not be HOT or HANDSOME like you think..
BUt!! His voice is SEXXAAAYYY weihhh~
His name is SUN ZI YOU

Yes.. SEXXAYY is the word... And he's so freaking cute..
OMG... rily took my heart..
LOVE HIM soooo much!!!!
And his voice is such a natural.. OMGosh~
Can i just vote him as Number One?
Nvm.. He's absolutely Number 1 among other singers.. OMgosh~ At least in my heart lahhh~ xDDDD

HIs oppenent, Anthony..
He is AWESOME too..
I love this episod soooo MUCH!
ANthony... his voice is not as SEXXAAYY as sun zi you but he is..
erm.. HOT?
A lil lahhh... But his voice has an accent .. coz he is an english person.. Du-uh~
BUT!!! He is ... Okay lahh..
Use HOt lahh.. He is HOT!!
Hahah~ HIs voice is sooooo attractive..
BUt of course i cheer wayyyyy louder for SUN ZI YOU..
If someone manages to take my heart, he ain't a normal person..
And SUN ZI YOU is indeed not a NORMAL guy.. he is a talented one.. OMGoshhh!!!
L-O-V-E him.. AARRGGhhh~ Too bad i dunno him..
If he is my neighbour how wonderful would dat be.. LOL
Why must the thing be in TAIWAN?? D:

Anyway, Today went summit for piano as usual..
Den went for METROJAYA big sale..
LOL><... Flo just went to Jusco's one ... ahahh~ Today is the last day liao.. So many ppl weihh~ I love this shoe.. High heels lahh~ But it costs 45 bucks.. My mama shook her head, my heart sank to deep deep down there..

Den went to undergarments place..
LOL.. Sales weih~ xDD
Chose some wif cute pics..
I wanna buy a handbag but those stuffs there are so not my taste.. lol
Nothing much, I am soooo addicted to comp AGAIN!!
But nvm... Finals are going to be OVER anyway..
I dun wanna go to school... face many stuffs again..
And the bad thing is...
MOst of the STUFFS are not happy or smiling ones..
They are always == or D: ;(...
Haiz.. But.. I will skip school after dat..
Shhh.. Dun blow it out.. haha~
xDDD Still nid to ask permission.. LOL..
See? I AM becoming naughtier..
My bro went Sunway Lagoon this early morning...
Wif his friends.. I am so jealous you know..
YOu see as boys, if you wanna go somewhere to have fun..
All you nid to worry is transport..
As girls, we still have to worry abt clothes, timing, parent's permissions.. WTH so many unreasonable stuffs... Ya lahhh!!
My bro just planned this SunwayLagoon thing yesterday by making phone calls!!
OMG.. Next time it's gonna be me !!! xDDD =)

p/s : support Sun Zi you.. he is cute.. TOO CUTE..
pp/s : 2 more days ( i remind myself every second!! xD )
ppp/s : I am thinking whther to go PN.Poh's tution or not..O.O


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