Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's just so darn touching ==

PLs lah readers..
Watch this show...
So darn touching..
It is okay if you do not know chinese coz the song is in chinese..
But just look~ ==
LOOK ...
Omg.. the interaction is like.. Wooaahhh~
I mean..
HOw many times can you see a couple doing stuff like dat?
And it's infront of so many people..
infront of the camera..
They got guts i tell you
GUTS to do that..
And i am seriously impressed..
I am SO gonna see all her performances from now on in 超級星光大道.. Hahah
But of coz duuh~ I wont forget my 孫自佑 ...
Duuh~ Her name is 劉明湘...
I hope you guys support her too~ xD
But dun forget Sun zi You~
Love this scene..
I re-watch it almost 5 times already and yet i still fall for them..
It's very..==
Geli? Hahah~ In english?
But it is so darn touching and sweet..

And! The gurl is a good singer plus the guy looks... quite good..

And he is cute.. OMG~ So sweet..

To all gurls.. dats a good example of what boyfriend you should look for.. hahah~ LOL.. I am promoting the video lahh~

Watch it.. Aww..

I rily dun get why i dun like her before this..==

but now i do.. so ... yea.. i am her fan too :D

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