Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a special conversation :D

i was asked to update blog again ~ haha
Good.. Proves that i have readers~


Today was a bore too...
First .. i woke up at 3.00pm..
I am saying the truth ..
serious...Coz yesterday i stay up till 5.13am..

Yea.. how early~ xDDDD

Yesterday's sleeping time was mostly took by K.O.3..

At first, i was not THAT interested in KO3 coz i have been skipping it for 3 weeks~
FOR finals.. see? A HUGE sacrifice..

Well.. den after dat watched tv... xD



Watched till 6 smth.. den i helped my maid to prepare dinner.. Shocked? Don't be.. LOL

Next, When my lil bro and sis-es lol.. came back from school and ACE tution..

I suddenly have a feeling to play badminton.. wanna sweat..it's been quite a time since i TOUCHED my badminton racket.. xPP
Lack of exercise.. obvious i guess...xD

So played wif bro and sis-es including cousins..

it was fun ~ xDDD I sweated of course.. and suprisingly i was smiling.. and feeling extremely happy.. maybe this is the emotion and feeling when a person who hadn't exercise for centuries to sweat suddenly? haha~ LMAO..

Next, I came up.. ONLINE time xD

Den smt pop up and asked me whether to install a new version of MSN..

Den i click okay or it would not let me sign in.. But it turns out not good..My msn was .. like LOST... So i have to re-install everything.. from 9pm to 11.21pm lehh~ Wth.. den oni can online..==

DAts why.. Never simply install things.. IShh~ PIssed off.. ahaha

Then while online.. i ate apples.. 2 apples.. eh.. i online till very late one.. snacks marhh.. and it's fruits...==" hahah~!

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!

Can you see?

One of the apples are bitten .. HAHAH~!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away..
Two apples a day keeps the hospital away~ xD
Make sense? yes? no? oh nvm~ xD

At night... Chatted with sy,xy and flo..We're going to have our first plan on thurs..

but indoors de.. ahha~ Nvm.. it's not in my house.. so.. FUn~ HAhaa~

Gonna take tonnes of pic dat day.. better get ready~ Hahah

Anyway.. there's smth funny between me ans siew yi's conversation...

Hahah~ Especially when she wanna go to bed.. like a 3 years old kid..

NOt the childish part.. but.. you know.. so cute.. hahah~

Firstly.. ( i got skip some de xPP )

( sy = blue , me = green )

Bad news!
OMG~ What bad news again?
Haha~ I want to sleep lerh~
Ooo.. OKay bye!
NO! NOt yet..
I nid to take med den oni shut down
* talks abt tution *
Don't ffk on thurs!
I wun! You too! Dun ffk on friday!
Oh! hah~ I almost forgot oledy.. Tutions are so troublesome!
now you know.. i hate! But it's good for me! Eh! Countdown!
I am gonna eat medicine
haha~ Like so serious ==
pink one.. antibiotik.. once eat den you have to continue ... if not more worse...
hahah! So.. i guess now it's a .. bye?
Not yet! i need to wah cup first.. i drank milk!
Hai yo..
Why? you want time to go is it? Bad girl ! D:
no lahh~ just.. hahha LMAO..
OKay lahh! nOw seriously.. a BYE..
ooo.. okay.. Bye..
Good night! Bye bye!
Bye! bb!
- ends -
So cute right?
Super cute weihh~
Like a goody goody girl! Hahaa!
And we chatted till 1.12am lehh!
Latest record~ xDDD
She is a great friend.. and a super adorable one..
so i think if any guy dates her he would be a super lucky boy..
nitez ppl~ Sweet dreams.. It's 2.37am.. Hahah~
Oh ya!!
Happy belated birthday to a junior / friend of mine..
Yong SinYik
Happieeee 13th b'day!
you are officially a teen~ Enjoy your life! xP
- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- do not hate ppl for it's a tiring job -

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