Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Say Hello to the Doc :P

Say heyy to the Doctor yo~~ x)
I had allergies... Bad allergies ... XDDD
Of course i am happy X)
Coz its not skin stuff, i thought my face is ruined ya know..
A imperfect face is like
the biggest worst thing that can happen onto a gurl.. LOL
yea you boys better learn that~
FYI, this is a pic of me before seeing the doc~ xD
You cant see properly, but my face is actually reddddddeeerrr than before,
If you touch it, OMG~ Its so rough D:
That made me skip my librarian duties..==
hope Pn.Tan wouldnt nag me :P
Yesterday morning mum purposely shift with my uncle for like 1 hour to come home and bring me to the doc..
Haha~Went to the new clinic,
( check the pics, you will know the address LOL )
Dun be sick, and take caer of your skin,
I led out a PHEEEWWWW~
When the doc said its allergic to DUST...== hmmm~
And i have a bad cough and its some kind of allergy thing too~
Ooooo.. xDDDD
Luckily i din "hui rong"~ LOL~ No $$ to go operation larh~

The special cream for itchy places on my face xDDD ( the smell is.. piiiii-eeeewwww YUCk )

Hahah~ All the medicines, the pills are super small, LOL~ thank GOD .. LOL

Clinic USJ Sentral :)

The nextday which is today, :)

you guessed it, my skin has become less rougher LOL~

Yay~ i am super happy~ xDDDD

Can you see the differences?

Nvm if you cant, just assume i am more cheerful xDD

LOL~ nth much~ I woke up 3 pm today LOL~......

I stayed up late yesterday night, hahah~ xDDD

Coz i found out that the lack of sleeping is not the source so HAHA~ xD


Found some pics abt moments before the finals xDDD ..So... lazy to upload pics one by one.. HAHA~ at last i made it as a video wif my phone, and i added a soundtrack, its not a song, just some bbox thing LOL~ Enjoy, especially to my babes, SY, FLO, XY.. Hahah~ LOL~

Moments Before the Finals x) ( With soundtrack ) :P

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