Saturday, November 28, 2009

Away ~

Hello Peeps~
Hello World~
So.. hows your day? LOL
Its the end of my laptop day~ Well!! LOL
Neways, just came back from youth x)
Sang songs :D Caroline songs, LOLzzzz
I desperately hope my fwens can go to youth camp, i dun wanna be alone D: hahax
haiz, these few days i will not be blogging peeps~
So, too bad,
BUt my blog is not dead, NOT for forever LOL
I am gonna update right away when i come back..
You might be wondering where will i go.. LOL
No big deal actually~ I am going back to my pap's hometown at Johor O_O

FYI, i do not~ CERTAINLY do not like to go back there...

NOt to say much, but i rily dun like to go back D: coz there are many many many many thousands of mosquitoes there +_+ And its not rily ... you know.. clean.. ==

Yea~ its so darn itchy over there and me no likey NO NO

What me likey is where i am now, my room, my house :)

BUt~ usually i have reasons like... i have projects or homework to do, but this time my dad say its COMPULSARY ... :( *sobs* Its gonna be dreadful there.. where you have sleepless nights !! *sigh*

Tomoro at this moment i will be sitting at my grandma's there looking at the ceiling, no astro, no internet, no life weihh ==

OKay~ stop abt that~ Watching dramas lately!! x)

But i am crazy of one of them, excluding KO3!
The name is AUTUMN'S CONCERTO 下一站, 幸福
Its a very nice show indeed, i think you guys hould rily try this show~
Before i really watch this show, honestly i think it sucks by its pics LOL
But now, i changed my point of view,
Go read the summary if you are not sure what is this show abt~ x)

haha~ LOlxx~
I dunnoe but maybe i will catch more dramas, but i have to choose~ hmm

This show is call love 18《逆风18》
I saw the advertisement long time ago but i didnt watch it,
Heard that the two main guys inside there are really hottt~ == LOL

Or maybe i will choose this, both Aaron and GuiGUi is inside marh!!
And to me Ah ben is not bad ~ He looks kinda...== hmm~ cute i guess?
BUt i heard that this show is not completed, is it?
Its called MoMo love 桃花愛無敵 x)

LOL i thought momo love is tao hua xiao mei? == bblurrrr
Okay~ That's all peeps ~
Take care LOL~ x)
-xoxo, Jaslyn-
- I am very glad you talked to me nicely :) and i hope it will last -

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