Friday, November 13, 2009

wahh~ first tution Homework

Just back from Pn.Poh's tution..
Second one.. LMAO....

She gave homeworkss..
LOts of Lots of homework..
For me lahh

Duuh PPl..
I am new there...
And.. smth embarassing happened today..
NOt truly embarrassing..
it's counted UNUSUAL around there..
Teacher called my name to answer a question..
I stood up.. O.O
Well.. make this clear..
In pn.poh's.. when you answer a question..
YOu dun have to stand up..

And evantually...
I did..
it's not embarassing if you ask me..
but it's just...
i really don't know how to say this..
When i stood up..
Haha~ everyone is like O.O
Yea.. Coz i am like .. the first one who will stand up.. HAHAHAH~
And xiao HUi whispered " dun nid to stand up de.. "
Then i was like " rily? Omgosh~ "
Haha~ quickly sat down..
Siew Yi was laughing her lungs out..
==.. What a friend... LMAO..
I was so terrified..
LOL.. i am used to standing up while being called names by teacher..
Hahah~ LMAO..

first in history weihh~

oKay .. end of the post..

- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- Ignoring ~~ :P -

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