Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stupid Website ==

Tomoro going movies wif ex-classmates.. Missed them soooo much~
LOL~ we planned like a week ago, but then forget dy, den remembered!! hahah~
I missed them loads, tonnes, LOL!!!!! :D

I am so excited to meet them~
I wonder if they changed.. xDD
LOL~ I know they will bcome all leng lui-s one.. LOL

Though, a lil disspointed 6S is not as active as i thought D: and not cooperative larh~ Totally not,
Din even inform all of us, WTF???
Nvm~ We go out on our own ;)

Ish stupid movie website,
LOL actually planned to go online booking but the website arr fweaking annoying!!
Me, Sue zen went in and ended up O_O
Stunned there, walao, loading takes a super long time, and after like that super long time, pops out a stupid notice writing " page cannot be loaded"
dam furious..==

I even sms-ed daddy! hahah~
LOL i asked him to help me go to that website coz maybe my laptop is slower xP
But he also cannot go in WTF
This website is lousier den youtube's..==

So, i guess i just have to wait for the newspaper,

yay~ xD Going to meet them,
After that, go another movie again LOL~ Soon~
Duuh! Finally can watch 2012 wif fwens, but wif ex's is new moon :D
Muahah~ Finally can see taylor lautner, OMG~ hope he still look hot in a warewolf look xD
I miss Melissa badly, she reminds me of taylor lautner, or did taylor lautner reminded me of her?? haha

Lagoon, sleepover, camp, hmm... what else?
Birthday? LOL~
I wanna have a b'day party .... O.o

- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- i hate those b!tches xD LOL who doesn't? -
- Improving restaurant city skills LOL -
- catching this drama AUTUMN's CONCERTO, those who hated dramas should watch this! x) if you still hate it, uhh~ Idiot weih~ x) -

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