Thursday, November 26, 2009

A short time with two guys in the house :P

LOL~ just came back from supper x)
Yea~ its been so long since i go for supper ~ haah~
Pap went coz lil bro kip saying he is hungry, LOL
Actually lil bro wants to go secret recipe O_O
But~ LOl~
Impossible!!! xDDD
So, decided to go mamak stall,
Actually i dun want coz i want to catch AUTUMN's CONCERTO x)
I figured, well~ i havent been to a mamak stall since long x)
So, Okay lu~ xD
Oni 3 ppl lah! hahah~ xD
While waiting for the food,
I talked to my dad abt part time jobs.. == LMAO
I dunno how i got so far, but
It was fun!!
LOL~ i want to work in a bakery shop ~ x)
BUt dad say you cant actually learn there, just work O.O
So, i suggested that he let me learn bakery lessons x]
Haha~ he say okay~ LOL
Too long to know x)
Den he began to nag nag abt responsibilities O_O
Listen lorr ==
Den my food came, roti telur bawang
Drink, Teh O Ais Limau
LOL~ eat eat, go home x)

Neways, chatted with florence just now,
Its like the longest convo between us and its like non stop O.O
The main topic is abt friendship issues~ LOL
Truly, dun believe in a friendship so easily, accept my advice peeps, its not as simple as you think
So, i talked, she replied, then i complained, then she comforted,
LOL~ First i was quite emo, and like kip blurting out all the bad stuff i found out O_O
LOL~ She like " chill lah~ Let GOD decide "
Then we talked abt holiday plans! POOH~ Her days are booked by...
LOL~ but she can make it to the lagoon one x)
After that, WE chatted abt some b!tches we think are b!thches x)
haha~ This time she more emotional, LOL~
Den me will like " hold it back gurl"
LOL~ love this convo, its like between two TRUE bff-s xP
LMAO.. i hope what i thought will stay true x)
Friendship is so fake in this world...
i am sick of it,
You telling me you have BFF? true friends?
Yea rite! Go reflect in the mirror
and you will know what am i talking abt sistah~
YOu are so going down! Yea you heard me.. DOWN! =P
-xoxo, Jaslyn -
- super hate them, wtf is this -
- we are gonna die soon anyway, so better live with honour xP -

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