Monday, November 16, 2009

Phone Baby is back~ xD

Hip Hip Hooorraaayyy~ xD
Three cheers for my phone baby..
She came home..
Too bad outting is over..
Yesterday LOL..
Today my phone baby came home.. MUAXXXX to her~
She is a big piece of my life..
Without her i am ALMOST lifeless...
But fortunately my first baby and third baby are with me all the time..
First baby is mua laptop, Third baby is mua television.. HAHAHA
In this complicated society, you just cant live without them ..
That's why the world is gonna end soon..

Oh oH!!!
I want to see the movie 2012 so badly..
shit one, all the cinemas are queued so long..
ISHHHHH~ you have to wait hours till your turn..
No no~ NOt a wise sacrifice LMAO..
Will see soon..
I havent watch my new moon yet..
Cheh~ It's not exactly MINE..
I wanna see taylor lautner.. He is HOT at some angles ya know..
SOME angles i mentioned ... not all~ LOL

My phone cable is missing so i cant upload pics abt outting yesterday..
Sadly, i didn't buy anything!!!
I know.. haih~
Coz i just went shopping yesterday wif my mum,
DUUH~ Bought shoes and nail polishes already marhhhh~
So.. NVM~
I am more interested in lagoon~ ;D
Next stop, Sunway Lagoon :D
Oh pweaseeeeeee hope the weather is kind on dat day =P

- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- We are tought to forgive and forget, so i will forgive you as a christian -

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