Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello world =)

Back from the countryside to the town~~

So, how are you guys? Healthy? Sick? Happy? No?

LOL~ Be happy if you are not, stay healthy is you are, recover if you are not!! x)

Uploading pics i took in Johor,
I took them to fill up my boredom, My lil sis is my loyal ss partner, but her pose are O_O
haha~ Mine is retarded so... ==" LOL
But! Havent upload finish, will leave it for tomoro :D

Neways, tomoro going out ..
Firstly going to school to take results, heard that tomoro id the last day marh x) Haha~
To summit, sadly not sunway, now i am fed up wif summit and wants to go sunway LOLLL

i just realize that i basically have only 2 places to go for shop shop x)
but tomoro is to watch 2012~~

OUtdated much?? ><
But i saw new moon marrhh!! x)
I hope 2012 is rily thrilling as i heard,


And~!! I am having headache now :(
but its just a lil, maybe its due to the lack of sleeping??
Dunnoe but plzzzzz do cure faster!!!

Still worried abt the youth camp,
I am like the oni one going, i mean among my closer fwens lahh~ D:
So sad, then who's gonna be my room mate???

I always hope we are closer,
but it seems so hard for me,
I dunnoe,
but your world is like.. so different~
it's no doubt that i want to be your friend,
I just hope , HOPE we will be better after this :)
To: Someone i care :D ( dun guess wildly == )

-xoxo, Jaslyn -

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