Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas party/kids caroline

Hey hey world :D
Some entertaining stuff before the main stuff

Christmas is Canceled
DOne laughing? LOL , kip on reading my post
Took efforts with the pics uploading thing okayz!!!


♥ 19.12.2009 ♥
Christmas party♥ 
Kids caroline♥

Get ready all over at 4pm,
Bro and sis kip ruching me coz they were suppose to be church already by that time ==""
In the car,
Camwhore as usuall :)

Reached church, not many ppl arrived lahh ==
Help out wif arranging chairs,
Then later on, JOyce came =D
She wore slacks, LOL
Then we chit chat, den Rachel asked us a favor on laying out the food
So, help luuu~ MIni currypuffs LOL
Jasmyn came later on, den we chat more and more =DD

Then, we go to next door, saw those kids prepare to leave liao,
manage to take some shots before they leave finally :D
My lil bro looks rily handsome wearing the formal clothes and coat
He is acting as a judge in the caroline drama =D
HAHA he paiseh, so i can take candid one oni LOL

Then afterwards more ppl came,
Helped out in wrapping the free gifts,
cups actually, cute cups LOL for new-comers oni nia :P
Bla bla bla den start liao !!!!!

The youths presented a drama, abt lefting out GOD ==
Very less convo lahh! overall there are just running , den pose! LMAO
haha Angel become the angel that is mistaken like a ghost xDD

Then sermon lorr :) Wei wen keep telling me she's cold =="" LOL
Its freezing there haha i kip rubbing my scarf :P
Den its our SINGING TIME!
:D haha super awkward up there, got stage fright marhsss
Then gift exchanging WOOHOO :D

After everything, eating lors and chatting
Halfway chatting Angel called me to go practice
New ribbon routine :) no more tambourine liao
But at last heard they cancelled the ribbon part coz its too rushh
NOt sure yet :S
Then practice liao den go home

Then i found out my present is missing!
HAHA, but at last found it in my daddy's car, lol how forgetful ==

Tadaa, day ends with some presents from my sibling's caroline gifts
and a candy plus the present :D

Back at home,
Alone with my present, HAHA camwhore lots lahhh!
I almost took pics of every step i am opening the present,
so, bare with it yea :D

LOL! TADAA finally opened the present =="
Its like  a xmas deco :)
Took i out, and there goes glitters on my fingers LOL~

Glitterssss :)

Well... end of post now :D

Still waiting responses whether tomoro's practice still on or not
Pwease sms me or call me for news :) my number is 0123949777
Hurry!!! tomoro practice also dunno ON or OFF lea.. :(

-Xoxo,Jaslyn -

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