Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shop Shop Shop!!

Hello hello readers x)
Done quite some shopping today :DDD
It all starts with caroline attires
I dun rily have maroon coloured top :(
So, to buy one, incase i need it AGAIN for future,
After piano shop shop inside summit

Waah found out there isnt rily formal clothes inside LOL~~
Then mum went in THE REJECT SHOP to see some kids clothes
Then i saw skirts =D

Well since my skirt at home is kinda short, so we decide to buy a longer one xD
But turns out like aunty lahhh! =="" but too bad lah, what to do? :(

Then walk walk,
went in some boutiques, mum bought some clothes for me
I didnt get to try it till i got home
Yea, its on sale, thats why you cant try it on the scene
Risky huh... LOL

Love the green one =D but sis says the grey one nicer O_O
After that came home :)
Came home liao den dinner timeeee!!!
Big bro wanna buy pants from night market ( Pasar Malam )
LOL so we eat nearby =D

Haha, while waiting for the dishes to arrive,
there is this cat,
Sitting between me and my sis's seat,
looking up,  at us! LOL
HAHA~ Cats are cute to me, but if they STARE at you like dat
I cant see anything cute in them O____O
SO scary weih!
 but took pic of him/her :DD IT is pwetty larhs
i guess she's just hungry? O.O

After eating,
Went to pasar malam lorr! :)
WTH when we reach there, all the stalls sao dong dy
and its oni 8.24pm!!!! ==
daddy say maybe coz its raining and not much ppl :(
So bad one, :(
HAHA i am like a crazy/desperate gurl running to the stalls that are still opening
The clothes there are pwetty pwetty de!
SOme you rily cannot find in Summit, trust me i go Summit every week
BUt mum say the price is a lil too high,
bought PYJAMAS and TOPS :D

40 bucks per top!!! ==
But~ the aunty gave us discount till 2 for 76, den to 75
Today at piano class,
Teacher Elizabeth say she is gonna quit the job at SUMMIT!
HAIZ, farewell teacher ><

Tadaa finish liao,
HAHA i still havent bought the maroon blouse
but will wear red one for caroline lorr :)

What You Deserve

Its in my dad's car all along!
I am not THAT clumsy, just KINDA forgetful LOL

Will post abt christmas party/ kids caroline soon :)
Stay tune peeps

-xoxo, Jaslyn -

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