Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hello sweeties~ :D
Blog edited! have you noticed?
SUre you do :D


Haha Lols,
sending some holiday cheers!!!!
2 more days to christmas eve, 3 more to CHRISTMAS, 4 more days to youth camp!!
are you excited? Who isnt?

tomorrow at this time i would be busy larhs,
do what leh?
Caroline lah of coz!
Caroline means visiting houses singing songs and sharing GOD's love
tomorrrow is the day~ Weee!
Hope to get lots of suprises!! LOL~ gifts! xDD

Today quite sien lor~
Nth to do de!! :( Alone at home,
so lonely~ LOL~
Watch tv bla bla, nth to do :(
read books? nahhh~ no mood :P

Still crazy abt GODFREY GAO YI XIANG,
cant take my mind out of him,
he's just wayy to hot to be just an actor,
he should be a... international celeb !!
LOL~ man he is like a man of all gurl's dreams :)

Anyhoo, nothing to blog liao luu,
so short de this post :P
go catch drama Lorr x)

OH! and i havent watch the princess and the frog! ARRRRR!!!

So desperate lorhhhhss!!! ==""

- xoxo, Jaslyn -

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