Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hello hello!!! xD
Today is  30th of Dec  already! So fast lah :(
Times flies zooms when you are having fun  :D

Today was smooth, went to watch 
With aunt, uncle-in-law plus siblings 
Why dont go sunway??? coz tomoro going HAHA

Love the crocodile lahh, so cute x) HAHAH 

Reached summit at noon,
Ate lunch, walked around
then aunt said she wants to eat laksa,
so off we go to THAI VILALGE but then no laksa
So go to AH CHENG's LAKSA,
eat  dy  den we bought some water to bring into the cinemas
So jimat rite? Economy crisis HAHA swt ==

Then went to cinemasss!!!
x) On the way oni take pics :D


After buying the ticket, camwhored with the poster
HAHA xD everyone was like O___O  


Then, time to the movies!!!!
Went in the cinema ^^
Still early so as usual... CAMWHOREEEE 

Gahh i dont know why my pics are always so blurr!!! == GRRR

Watched the show,
It was very nice if you ask me
Even frogs have romance,
why cant human be more?? zzzzz

Basiclly, there is roamnce, comedy plus moral values in there
LOL!!! I like the crocodile character x)
He is so dumb yet cute :)

Tadaa after that i went home,
many many many x10000 clothes!
Yea i DO NOT have a washing machine
Mum say not clean, what crap is that LMAO

tomorrow going sunway!! 

-xoxo, Jaslyn - 

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