Friday, December 4, 2009


Party tonight,
stomachache comes back again ISH ==

Do you know that..
YOu can call a person b!tch just because you dun like her for once
You dont have to think twice because she may be your fwen or ex-fwen
YOu dont have to worry abt her feelings
you dun have to consider abt her situation

NOw i know why they think that way abt you :)
You are just too good in changing
But one day it will be revealed
You will see :D
I always keep it down because i care for you as a fwen
but i dun think its a need now,
Since you can,
Why cant i ?
( dun guess wildly again :P randomneess :D )

To another person,
Sorry for offending you,
I dont mean to,
My mood is not good ya know
So, apologies,
I feel bad after i was told that my attitude is not good to you
So, apologies :)
You know who you are, if you dont know, den just ignore :)

- Frying wedges LOLzzz -
- mayyean!!! what if it rains O_O -

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