Thursday, December 24, 2009

1B :DD

Hello hello there~~ x)
Just happy for now,
for my brother's result xDDD My mum said he got 7A1B over 8A's in PMRRRRR
It's brillant for me, awesomely wonderful :DDDD

Mum : Eh you guys know how is korkor's result?
Me : haiyo, Mum dun ask him lah, got so much pressure!!!
My lil bro, sis and siblings : Dont know worr, go ask him lahh
Me : NO lah! dun ask lah~ wait lahh == ( MOM-s!!! =="" )
Mum : He got 7A 1B lea! He sms-ed me oledy lor!!! and the B is chinese
All kids + me : *screamssssss* WOAHHHHH!!!
MUM : ya lor! so tonight we are gonna celebrate it with BBQ party :)
ALL : yeahhh!

Haha~ nice rite????
Super happy for him lorrs, it was super unexpected :O
I dont even know whether i can get such a good result D:
Super worried now LOLL

Anyhoo today its xmas eve, plus my bro's celebration day~
Will take pics again :DDD HAHAHA, LOL or maybe not :P

GOSHHHH! imagine the PRESENTS he will get :OOOO
Mum promised him a BRAND NEW LAPTOP for 6A's!
So, now got one more extra A so dat means extra one more present!!!
and the "best" thing, he NEVER shares!! ==
okay lah maybe not NEVER, but SUPER SELDOM

Yerrrrrrrrrrrrr.... super jealous, but he used his efforts lahh x)
Mummy still say his one-month-studying is NOT ENOUGH...
SEE!! NOw he proves its ENOUGH
his chinese is memang bad le, cant blame him LOL :DD

So, to charissa, hui qing jasmyn and all others,
Congrats if you scored nicely,
and Cheer up if you didnt~
Well,like they say, SPM is more important! HAHA LOL

Cheer Up!

Till then, tomoro is CHRISTMAS!!!
Weeee so happiee larhss~ xDD
Den go camp liao luu :)
Have fun tonight ppl~ coutndown HAHA
I am soooo going to stay up late :P
BUT OF COZ waking up freaking early tomorrow :) for xmas HAHA

bye~ xDD
- xoxo, Jaslyn -

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