Thursday, December 17, 2009

christmas party rehearsal/ practice

Hey hey!!!
HAHA as a blogger its quite ashamed and humiliating to  just realize NOW ( Just NOW )
the way to make the words with a line across  <<<<  like this  :S
HAAHHA~ Yes, just realized it :S stupid rite LOL

Went for christmas party practice, it was  suprisingly  fun HAHA
actually coz i was taught to use/ dance with the tambourine

But with ribbons tied at some end :)
Its harder than i thought LOL ( super sorry if i learn slow :P cacat one )
HAHAH~ usually when i am the audience it looked so easy and simple
NOw i know its not so SIMPLE, but of coz, not VERY HARD

Saw charissa and wei wen dancing with chinese / gymnastic ribbon
So pwetty pwetty lahhh!

So pwetty right right right????
I was like @.@ when i see them dance
So jealous :D ==" ( not sarcastic )
BUt mine is tambourine
So oh well :D

Anyhoo peeps,
Helped mum do 10 commandments list on a board
i finished it at 4.49am last night
effort weihh!!! :P
I do it by the help of singing the 10 commandments song ( sunday school version ) xDD
Yes it helps a lot for me to remember the commandments!! x)

Pwetty?? nice rite
thank you thank you
rmb the 10 commandments always!!!!!

But din use it after all,
mum tore the 10 commandments and stick somewhere else,
sis took the heart-s

:D thats all peeps
5pm this saturday for church christmas practice :) rite??
gonna change outfit again i guess O.o

chatted wif Sy too,
HAHAH~ She is so worried abt school reopening stuff
the class, the seniors, the teachers, the streaming, the form 3 doom , and
Let us just enjoy christmas and CNY for now yea ~ :D

-xoxo, Jaslyn -

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