Monday, December 21, 2009

Crazy ALL over you

Hello again people :)
Woke up super late today coz i slept super late yesterday :P

I was staying up late to finish MOMO LOVE 桃花小妹 ep 8 to ep 10
Man it was super nice

Seriously, Ko3anguo is getting really boring
ISHHHHH! I know i shouldnt have said this,
FYI, i am a ko3 fan, or WAS a ko3 fan :/
Just all those politics stuff is not my cup of tea larhss
I love romance more
I am a romance-holic that you should know :)

MOMO LOVE桃花小妹 is getting nicer every episod
AND! The hotties there are hotter than KO3's one :P
That's why i am so addicted to it weihh
LIke how i WAS addicted to ko3~ LMAO

Autumn's Concerto is also a nice drama, i cry or shed tears EVERY episode
YES its super touching, and you can prepare lots of tissue box
in your room if you admit you are an emotional person xDD

Gahhh! How come they dun finish the whole show den oni post it on youtube :(
It makes us fans so desperate waiting ==

LOL, I like GODFREY GAO, LOVE actually ( or just admire )
wtf so hot weihhhhhhhh , he is so yeng, so nice, and so HAWT
almost perfect larhhh! Except for his personality i dunno lahh :PP
I dreamed of having him at night LOLZzzz crazy gurl lah~

His name is CHENG HE in MOMO LOVE drama,
And his gf is called XIAO MI ...
WTHHHH she super lucky can kiss him on the lips SHIT
but its just a drama LOL

AND AND AND! MOMO LOVE do really have lots of LOVE inside

WEEEE, romance is my fav so you know,
so i decide to capture the sweet moment and post it here to make it stay HAHA
crazy all over the drama larhss x)

2nd Bro aka CHEN CHENG with Xiao Xue Moment :)

LOL kena kacau ==""

GODFREY GAO aka 4th bro and Xiao Mi SUPER SUPER sweet moment :D

Aww, she's telling how much she like him :) LOVE them weihh

Muaxxxx! Kissed ~ Cheers!

Closer look xPP, blurr lah phone lahhh! ==

Aww, super sweet lorhs, so good lah got one hawttie boyfriend :)
Congratz to the gurl although in acting :)


This movie is rily nice if you like romance or comedy,
its funny and romantic at the same time
Romantic + HIllarious + Hotties = AWESOME DRAMA
count it :)

DATS why lorr, super sweet one
Godfrey so HOT ,
Aaron also lah of coz,
Aaron is the younger type i guess :PP
But now focus on godfrey, he's even HOT when he's angry in this drama
Love him lots!!
But lots of ppl like the 3rd bro also larh
Said he's cute worr, XP
but for me, hot and sweet comes first, :)

See, i can be very very crazy when it comes to romance
Proves that i am a great drama follower ... not?
LOL, catch this drama ppl~ love it :D

Byes, i will dream of you all night long !!! LOVES

-xoxo, Jaslyn -

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