Saturday, December 12, 2009

I can tie my hair! x)

Hello peeps~
Miss me? I bet you do, dun nid to deny it coz i already knew it~
So, hows life nowadays?
I dunno why but i am so desperate to see snow
Samantha went to aus but sadly there isnt a small snow YET over there
not to mention hail
I love snow
I even have a nickname call WINTER i created myself last time when i was young :P
Just back from youth,
christmas practice again,
got this christmas party invitation,
LOL~ So i wanna invite you ppl, better READ every word i type

At first,
This invitation is open to All my readers...
haha~ LOL promoting here!! ==
So rajin weihh
it doesnt matter if you are a christian or not,
And YES it is a church christmas party
And Even if you are a catholic,
Its okay
i answered all those common questions ,
so no excuses!! :P
C'mon ppl its just basiclly
singing, eating and presents
And the best thing
i nid to perform so to all those ppl like SiewYi
laugh all you like ... a good oppurtunity
This is a pic of the invitation card,
You dun nid to have one to come, just tell me :)
Kip on reading :D

This is the invitation, its in a shape of an angel's wing,
So, do come!!!! :)
The address!! I will retype down below, so relax

!!!Details time!!!!
TIME : 7 Pm --- Dunno ( should be around 9.30pm )
DATE : next sturday aka 19th Dec
ATTIRE : semi-formal ( as in NO shorts,t-shirts,slippers bla bla )
ADDRESS : Unit No. W 1-3, Business Park West Wing, Subang Square Jalan SS 15/4G, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor
EXTRAS : Bring a minimum 5 bucks present for gift exchanging session
So do come pweaseeeeeee x)
Just book next sat's night for this celebration
and there are refreshments prepared!!! LOL
So, SY XY MEL MICHELLE i expect you guys to come
Flo lehh, next sat are you still here == HAHA
reply asap ppl
As i said in my title,
I can already tie my hair
FYI, i've been using my short hair for some time ==
No till a year i think,
ya lah!!
LOl~~~ BUt~ Me get bored easily
If you have short hair, you cant change one ==
At least you can tie or you can put down if you have long hair =D
ANd~ wif long hair you can do many styles
soon or later you will see me complaining again HAHAA
FYI, my hair now is in a medium length if you wanna know x)
Not short not long,
but it goes really ugly if you dun comb it nicely ==
So, i like tie-ing my hair up ~
LOoks more tidy i guess
And~ I miss the times when i have longgggg hair TT
But i wont pin my fringe up dy
it looks really nerd and fugly
YES suprisingly i admitted?
You are just jealous HAHA
So~ Let me show you differences when i tie my hair,
Ignore it, i'm just happy my hair is growing DUUH
So backoff if you think the pics are nothing
Me wif short hair haha~ in the hospital toilet :D

Me wif tied hair! yayyy~ LOL
NOw this is individual one
hahah~ LOL

Before tie-ing up my hair :D

See?? My hair will " qiao" ishhh~

I can tie my hair~~ LOL

Now this is how i look after i took out the rubberband~

Zzzz~ it goes out! I like it~ i LOVE it~

Hah~ but its not gonna stay long D:

Woahh~ I love my hair after i take out the rubberband~ LOL

I am so gonna buy the thing that makes your hair style woohoo

One day~ ONE DAy!! I am soooo gonna curl my hair~ weeeee x)

Nth to blog le~

Oh~ heard Wan Ee Laine's house kena robbed O_O

Felt sorry for her

Will pray for her~~ xDD


-xoxo, Jaslyn -

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