Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Outfits♥ :D

Hey hey loves
Bloggie dearie is kinda emo nowadays
So i am gonna update it today :)

The name is Jaslyn
SO live with it and love it
Life's fun♥
but Life can be boring too .. well sometimes i guess

Saturday is a happie day , at least this saturday is :D
Yes its the only happy thing i can think of now
See how boring is my life.. currently????

Let me tell you why ..
Well, FYI, christmas is coming and everybody is on a ♥christmas mood♥ rite now
So, there's gonna be a christmas party♥ this sat :)
The details if you want to come is on the lower post, go check it out yo

Another thing is,
kids caroling activity falls on the same day, starts on the same time :(
I am a teenager alright, but its nothing wrong enjoying the kids caroling aights? :D
And heard my siblings all are performing
They are even gonna dance! I cant wait for it
( you seldom see ppl dance while caroling you know )

B-U-T !!!

How great is that huh..
I want to go both the events but sadly i have to choose one
BUt as a youth i guess i have to miss this kids caroling stuff
My house is gonna prepare food and the kids are gonna come,
i just have to miss it D:

LOL! happie times!♥♥♥
Wore some outfits♥ for youth party,
I nid to sing♥ zzzZZ
So, opinions♥ if you can~ x)

SY voted for the black so called DRESS ( outfit 2)
Hmm~ still hestitating O.o

Outfit 1 to 3
Outfit 4 and 5
First time editing pics in PICNIK
And~ been listening to NeYo's new song in hitz.fm ( forgot the name )
Awwww~ reminds me of the movie THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG
i havent watch it !!! SAD case
I ♥love♥ Ne-Yo's singing! He is so great :D
That's all for today's update
Stau tuned will you? ♥

-xoxo, Jaslyn -
- christmas is about love and sharing, and the birth of JESUS -
- My birthday coming!! presents prepared? not? go buy now!! -

- invited friends but the responses are always negative .. haiz.. dissapointed :(-

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