Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not well

AAAHHH! Me not well recently!!!!
And its not good :(
Feel like throwing up but nth came out,
Felt like everything is not stable, dizzy all the time!! argh!!!
Can you imagine that feeling! I am so sick of it.. ==
I dun even have MOOD to watch dramas..
Its getting worser every minute O.O
I hate this part right here.. Its killing me!! OMG!!! ==
It all started at yesterday,
I dunno the exact time larhh~ xP
But !
From yesterday night it become worser, my tummy felt super weird!!!!
I rily dun like it D:
Its not normal tummyache, infact, it doesn't hurts! just.. so weird, like.. you get it :)
I dun even have time for lagoon dy larh ISHHHHHHHHH
Neways, yesterday watched 2012 wif fwens,
going to upload pics late, i am sick weih~
be patient O.O

For this show, not bad not bad :)

Its exciting and breath-taking i suppose, what i can say is that i keep praying while watching those scary scenes :D Haha~ I do hope GOD will protect my family and fwens when this thing rily happen..

LOL!!!!! I heard before this that some ppl feel lik dying after this show.. I do not think so.. O__O Haha~ If you die in peace still nvm but i do not want to die in such a suffering way hahax

Lets just stay happy and healthy when we can =D

p/s : the ENO LEMON i drank is not helping my tummy!!!!! O_O no effect larhsss!!!! ==

-xoxo, jaslyn -

- still sick, pray for me Lolzzz -

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