Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2B class partayy :D

Hey peeps ~
once again~ abt pics :)
Abt my mum, kip praying yo~
Coz psotponed to tomoro :O
Thx love♥ love ♥ x)
Anyhoo, today woke up at 1:23 pm~ HAHA
So late rite
I am curious indeed how you guys wake up early in the morn
Well, maybe its because i stay up later than you guys LOL
Anyhoo, On the ♥5.12.2009♥
My class which is 2Budi had a ♥class party♥ at the USj 2/5 field
Every person is invited, but not all came O.O
At first, SY XY and mua myself arrived there early at abt 5.10 smth
Saw mayy, nad and boys ==
LEss ppl~ LOL~
Guess wat~ WTF the mosquitoes
WALAO~ I took a pic of my leg which is bitten like shit
But dun wanna post it coz it looks disgusting :D
Ish~ The mosquitoes SURE are lots over there
ISh~ I kena bit till O.O
At last, SY beh tahan liao so she called her dad to fetch her home to change long pants
Of coz we followed DUUH~
Better than waiting there like fools kena bite :P
haha~ Went back put on some repellant thing on the stings
FOOH! The thing is super HOT~
at first i didnt felt anything though, but after when we go back the field,
Walao, its like you put chillies on your feet
I put that thing on both hands and feets
So i was like jumping and groaning like a mad gurl
Its so "spicy'' LOL
Well, after dat many ppl dy lorhhs~
WTH so sad
everybody was having fun starting the bbq fire
while i cant coz my feet and hands are BURNING
Xy's too!!
haha♥ ~ LOLzzzzz
Sy kip teasing us by saying "haha i warned you ! "
cheh! =="
Me and Xy kip finding ice to help cooling the effected parts
Felt much better :D
After some bbq stuff, Flo♥ arrived
She skipped gym class AWWWW
LOL~ she wore TOOBISING shirt sweat
SO, eat eat drink drink and camwhoreeee♥
We were crazy abt camwhore
we even went to the swings and see-saws to camwhoree♥ HAHAH
LOL~ ( everyone did okayyy xD )
So, it was fun during bbq,
I am very interested in it :)
yeap yeap♥
Haha~ I dun dare to eat the bbq fishballs at first
Coz i was afraid it was not cooked and i would get a tummyache
FYI i am very scared of tummyaches now
At night, we played games
HAHA we 4 dam cacat weihhhh xPP
LOL~ I always get caught easily :P
Next thing, woaah i am in the mud
Yea i fell down into the muddy and wet places WTF
Florence also LOL
HAhahaa~ Game oni lah~ LOL
So, overall nice larh
better than din go rite :P
to someone,
Lol~ you should really enjoy the pics now :)
sry some are blurr, :(
AND sry i cant grab pics from others blog, cacat one :P
just camwhoree stuff,
go to mayy's or flo's blog if you want to see random ones or others =D


Me and Florence :) my retarded fice :O ignore :D

Super sorry blurr again~
My picture takin skills always fail de ><

I like this pic~ Clear and nice :D Haha~ but sy dun like :O
Nice weihh~ One far one near :D
Blurrrr~ FLO and JAS~ CAmwhoree sial ppl :)
Group pic!! retarded~ I like another one in Flo's blog :)
Hahah~ SY face so cacat yet cute :) no xy :O

Super dark :)
Me and Flo
I edited this!! LOL~ Coz the pic blurr marhs~ :) still nice
Neways, this is me and xy


LOL ==" zzzzz~ Shadow lars~ paiseh :P

I was actually taking flo standing on the see-saw
She bangga gila one LOL
Three hungry gurls :P bbq chicken :D nice lahh
This is a random pic, suppose to take the gurls chatting
but end up dunno who go block ==
Overall quite fun lahh~
Although some moments are indeed BORING~
but~ Can lah~ Nice memory :D
Looking forward for 3BUDI now
maybe you / you guys are not so bad afterall
Maybe its just me thinking :)
Oh well,
LOoking forward for next year :D
- Oh gosh, raining season here!!! WHEN OH WHEN can i go lagoon ='( -
- xoxo, jaslyn-

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