Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shoot! xmas present GONE

Hellllooo peeps ~ :)
Back from christmas party,
Niceeee :D
Fun lahh overall, not bad not bad,

Define: Friend

The best thing is
HAHA gift exchanging!!! :DDDD
I asked joyce to help me prepare my present coz i forget to :P
and she helped me wrap up a jigsaw puzzle :PP

I got mine from a stranger guy,
LOL stranger to me oni gua..
friends to other youths :P

there goes the sad thing!
while i was waiting at seven eleven shop for my dad to come,
left my present at somewhere near the ice cream place

forgot to bring back home!!! :(
Super sad and depress!
My presenttt!!


And, i dont even have a chance to look inside the bag
yupp the present is in a bag!
There FLIES my present :(
sob sob
no mood for anything liao,
first xmas present like dat fly away le :(

- xoxo, Jaslyn -

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