Thursday, November 25, 2010

run away love

( photo credits to Noor Diyana ) 
I want to get out of this hectic place,
to another peaceful wonderland.
without worries, without fear,
just us.


Hello darlings :D

i practically worked the whole week man :O
well not everyday. but at least 3 days over 5? ahaah
right now i have 150 bucks :D
okay maybe to some of you it's a small number.
but to me it's not.
coz it's like 5 days of working ! :O
incase you'd wanna know,
i'm working in my mum's shop since she lacks workers..
her workers took lift. that's why..

after this, will be my ace's potluck :O
we had one like last 2 weeks? to celebrate the start of hols.
and now we are gonna celebrate the last day of ace lesson (:
blah blah blah blah.
you guys should really check out my friend's photography album :D
her name is Noor Diyana.
damnnn she is super good in it :O
she even has her very own model bwahahah :D
sadly she didn't wanna expose it to photobucket or other websites.
it's okay. go check it out ;D

anyway last week i went to Acts Church.
it's in Summit hotel Usj weihh.
might be going there more often? ahahha i don't know lol.
it's wayy nearer to my address tho.
the space is like so much bigger than my current one :O
and the church has its own songs and album.
and some of their songs are really nicee :D
i'm desperate to find their songs but they didn't post it up on the church website.
fyi, you guys wanna know more abt acts church?
i enjoyed the sermon last week.
its about knowing your dream , destiny and moving forward!
sadly this sunday i can't go there since flo couldn't make it with me :/
im still new, so yeah i need someone to teman ahaha :P

bye that's all.
yay i can play " fall for you ", " heart of worship ", " this is my desire "
but im proud of it :'D
eeeee me no likey piano anymore.
haihhh. piano this sunday. -.-
xoxo, Jaslyn

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