Friday, November 12, 2010

guitarr ♥

 this is the part when we say we're in love,
and the part that we say it's forever,
this ain't a movie i know you can't come with me,
you've got your life,
She better be treating you right
HELLO sunshine :D
fyi, i'm recently super busy with a dance with other LEO club members.
it's a modern dance laa :D like duuh.
well basically it's one of the events on the principal's retirement day :)
yeap. my school principal is retiring :O
gosh we practiced 4 days and the whole routine is done!
omg im so proud of us laa :D
i hope that we will be the bomb on that day itself ;D
at least impressing the audience? bwahah :D
you guys should really go listen to these few songs :D

1. When we say by Aj Rafael
2. Your call by Secondhand Serenade

i heard both of these songs a very long time ago.
but recently i just caught up on them again :D
those are sad songs. super touchinggggg.

" i was born to tell you i love you, i am torn to do what i have to, to make you mine stay with me tonight "
" this is the part when we say we're in love, the part when we have our first kiss, this ain't a movie, i know you cant come with me, you got your life, he better be treating you right "

gosh. so sweet awwww ahah lol.
am super desperate to learn guitar >:D
acoustic of course.
it's easy to bring along and you just gotta learn the chords weihh! :D
but pressing the guitar strings really hurts :(
i have a guitar tutorial book for beginners.
guess i'll start there? :P
wish me luck :D weee x)

xoxo, Jaslyn

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