Thursday, November 18, 2010

hold on tight

always hold on tight of what you have now,
because you'll never know when will you lose it.


Hello jello mellos :D

guess what? :(
my lappie's battery is spoiled now :(
which means i can't online that often from now on D:
the reason im blogging now is because im working right now :D
yeappp school ended on tues and here i am now,
working :O hardworking, no? :P

i'm halping out in my mum's shop tho :)
where i get my 1 hour break to have lunch and online :)
SIGH. my baby lappie is currently in a shut-down state D:
poor baby :(
screw the battery. it just got lose and now its not working already.

anyway, tomoro morning is the MIYF annual brunch :)
i paid so i needa attend :D
YAY dim sum lol! i love em :D
but i dont know whther they have the ones i like :O

alrites thats almost it.
quote of the day..
always appreciate what you have now.

xoxo, Jaslyn 

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