Monday, November 8, 2010

A closer bond

HELLO loves :D

fyi, im back from my 2D1N trip in Genting :D
it didn't really turn out what i expected.
it turned out better, i would say :D

at first i thought it's gonna be another you-go-your-own-way-and-i-go-mine kind of stuff since you know.. we are not that close laa.
but it ended up okay :)
the boys were very active and open-minded.
of course there were some shy and awkward moments but it was alright (:

imma brief everything :O
basically on the first day, 7 nov,
reached there around noon, placed our luggages well then off to theme park!
it didn't really go that smooth cause it rained and all the games had to stop workin'
we practically waster 44 bucks walking around and eating :O

eat. talk. walk. blahblah.
sat some games that opened for a while.
gosh it was super duper cold -.-
played till evening, then we went back to the Hotel room :D
chit-chatted till 4am, then decided to go out and have a walk.

went to OLD TOWN, sat there and talked till 7am in the morning.
saw sunrise! then back to hotel bed to have a short few-hours-sleep.

woke up 10am.
which means we slept only 3 hours max :O

packed and checked out :)
went for window-shopping till its 1.30pm.
ate lunch together, den walk around again.
when it's 3pm +, it's time to wave goodbye.
thanks to xingyi's dad who is kind enough to fetch us down from the mountain :D
practically slept in the whole journey.
gosh we were exhausted. :O
shall sleep early today? bwahahaha :D

it was memorable of course.
especially the moments when we forced to talk till the next morning
when everyone can't barely open their eyes.
then the super long chatting session in old town. woahhh :D
and the WEATHER.
wind + rain = superbly cold weather killing :(
i tell you, a jacket is not enough. ==
i even added my scarf around me and i was still shivering.
i would say the pics are quite less.
but mostly on mayy's camera?
my hp just consists of ss pics with mua girls LOL.
i still think if the ppl who couldn't make it made it...
it would be perfect. :/
nvrm! it's never too late ;)

that's all for talking.
xoxo, Jaslyn

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