Monday, November 8, 2010

packing my stuffs for genting

when you think positive,
everything will be positive :D


hello sunshine :D

well.. just a short update here :)
fyi, im gonna go for a 2D1N stay in genting with school mateyyss :)
i dont really know all of them really well tho :O
but i guess it will be okay.. right? lol.
this will be my first going out for a stay with friends only  :O
experience ehs?

the thing starts tomorrow morning :O
and yet i haven't start packing :/
eeee i don't like packing :O
usually when i was small, my mum would settle it all before i know it :D
but now. imma big girl now LOL. so wrong :P
pack pack pack :))

oh yeah. just got back from youth :)
i went youth today. alone -.-
lol. trypheana or joyce didnt reply me booooo -.-
shall strangle them soon or later :)

oh gosh. i really really hope this genting trip will be nothing except fun and memorable :)
may GOD bless us in our trip
to be safe and sound
and also helping us to have the time of our lives :D
the end :D
shall go pack pack now :)

xoxo, Jaslyn

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