Friday, December 10, 2010

waiting can be torturing.

many emotions mixed up lately!
in one hand i hope the day comes faster so that i can take my results,
but another thing is i am too scared to know.
omg feel like dying.
waiting. is. horrible. ish.

Hey bumbo mumbos :D

ahhh finally i settled my librarian holiday duty thing :D
as a librarian, we are reminded to come to school for extra holiday duty calls for those spm and stpm candidates to be able to rest unde the air cond.
i went 3 days already. hurrayyy!
haha then my librarian teacher can't find anymore reasons to nag me anymore :D

speaking about spm,
some people already finished theirs!
gosh how i envy them :( no more worries!
just play play play before you head off to college.
geesh unlike us we still have f4 and f5 lives to deal with D:

Tonight there will be a christmas party organized by Acts Church in Empire.
sadly i can't go. no transport.
plus, florence's too sick to go. yeah so that's a no already.

mich xy flo and I decided to plan on a sleep-over thing next week.
we are not really organized in everything yet but we all hope it works.
it was an old plan actually.
but everyone was too busy to think about it.
now it's december, you gotta play till your butts drop off :D
and our butts are still sticking real hard so yeah we need to play more lol!
yay! if it really works..
den we will watch the movie " love in disguise " by wang leehom together :D
it would be awesome since i craved for that show very long time ago :(
yes outdated i know DD:

everything's been going on so fast recently.
i feel like i'm so left out and can't really catch up with others.
sometimes i can't stop thinking about our form 4 lives,
whether will we separate or stay in the same class,
whether will we stay this close or grow apart,
whether will we just become strangers.
it's sad to lose a friend. i never want to.
i bet no one does.
but you can't force a person if he/she wants to leave, can you?
let it be then. :/
God will plan! WEE :D

ahah so random lol.
thats all

p/s : i'm really pissed about these few girls which i will not say their names out cause it's too mean. lol. but i really have to say this. you guys are really very irresponsible. i may look quiet and shy. but i can be straight forward and brave too. just so you know, i LOOK shy because i'm just not close to you. you guys haven't seen me with my friends, by then you will take back your words! you guys are just using us because we look dumb but guess what, you guys just got fooled. i won't do it and you can't force me. i can quit anytime if i want to, it's you guys who will squeeze your brain juice till your brain is empty with nothing left but junk whole night. you gave me the whole thing last minute and you expect me to do it? oh please. look in the mirror. does the person in the mirror even has the capability. i'm sure it's a no. cause if it's a yes. you would do it by yourself. don't fake. i won't do it. WE won't do it. crap you! >:(
YES im super angry of them. but im sure it's a temporary stuff.
Just,everybody can be brave and outspeaking. 
but don't go over the limit.
shy people have feelings too OKAY. -.-

xoxo, Jaslyn.

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