Sunday, December 26, 2010

don't fail me

Promise is a BIG word,
don't fail it.
mind what you're saying,
you never know how much it means to someone.
you have no idea how much that means to me :')


Heyy sunshine :D

Today is the day after christmas :O
apparently i skipped today's church service because i woke up pretty late and mum's not going too, so transport is another problem haha :P

Anyway how is your christmas?
Mine was pretty fine (:
In the morning i went to church for worship service.
Then when i got home, asked daddy to fetch me, lil sis and lil bro to Summit to catch a movie " Guliver's Travel "
( you see, i wanna make the whole christmas day hectic and packed so yeah fill up the empty timess HAHAHA :D )

it was okay for me laaa.
My lil sis laughed like some mad woman inside the cinema lol!
we 3 looked like jacoons hahaha lol but oh well christmas is special ! LOL!
In the evening we went to GMAD ( another branch church? ) for christmas service.
It was my first time sadly my phone got screwed and i'm using nokia phone currently,
which explains why i Don't have photos of it :(

Blahblah. now let's blog about today :D
Fyi, i just got back from a wedding Lunch in Kepong.
This time, i wore another outfit instead of a dress :O

The groom is said to be my mum's cousin who i never met before but oh well xDD
again. lousy phone. no photos. haih D:
In my opinion, the food there is not very grand i would say.
especially the first dish D:
it's suppose to be my favourite since you can eat a variety of small food lol!
but the dish there isn't very pleasant tho.. sighh nvrm!
Dad says this is how KL restaurants are. :/ hmm..
blahblah came home around 5pm?
was super exhausted :O
found camera. take pics lol! yeah dont see if you dont want to haha!

Mum, lil sis and lil bro went back to Perak for some days.
I guess it'll be just me, big bro, dad and the maid for these few days lol!

that's practically all. toodles :D
xoxo, Jaslyn

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